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  • Our Year in Numbers

    Read all about what we achieved in 2020 by clicking here. Successfully running an organisation like Project Hope requires a lot of planning ahead. We have to book camp sites a year in advance and work out budgets for our events in order to approach businesses. So, like most of you reading this we were ready…

  • How Project Hope began

    The choices we make determine the course of our lives. It is said, “two men looked through prison bars – one saw mud and the other saw stars.” We live in a world where challenging situations, poverty and need can overwhelm us. The way we respond will determine it’s outcome.  We can choose death resulting…

  • Vision and Mission

    Vision Train / Influence / Change Mission At Project Hope we aim to train up children to positively influence their families and bring change to their communities.

  • Upcoming Events

    Project Hope Night Market Relax, meet up with friends and indulge in a little bargain shopping, coffee and cake! On 6 April, from 6pm to 10pm in Hall 1 & 3 at Word of Faith Christian Centre. Donate your previously loved and gently worn items to the Night Market on Sundays before or after the…

  • Project Hope High Tea

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  • Every little life matters

    Bennie and Michelle de Bruyn, the Supervisors of our Feeding Programme, run a soup kitchen in Extension 36, where they also minister to the children who come to eat. One of the little boys who came daily always brought an extra plate with him. After a while Michelle asked him why he brought an extra plate,…

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Project Hope

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