How Project Hope began

The choices we make determine the course of our lives.

It is said, “two men looked through prison bars – one saw mud and the other saw stars.”

We live in a world where challenging situations, poverty and need can overwhelm us. The way we respond will determine it’s outcome.  We can choose death resulting in defeat, or life resulting in our leaving this world having made it a better place for all.

When the seed that has grown to be Project Hope was planted in my heart 17 years ago I said these words on opening the bank account:

“Today I am planting a seed in this office that will grow into a huge tree bringing shade to many in need. It will be a place where healthy babies are birthed in the safety of the ‘nests’ in its branches.”

We create with our mouths and I spoke those words with heart faith and a conviction that with God nothing is impossible. I chose to look up and see stars, to see possibilities when mud was at my feet rising up into a seemingly insurmountable mountain. It is often when faced with the biggest challenge that vision is born.

Every child has the right to hear the good news of Jesus and His love, every child must know that they are valued and precious, they need to become secure in who God has made them and have a vision for the future planted in their hearts.  How to accomplish this was the real challenge.

Walking across the car park of our church one morning God placed a blueprint of how to achieve this in my heart. 

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Vision and Mission


Train / Influence / Change


At Project Hope we aim to train up children to positively influence their families and bring change to their communities.

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Donated R 12 000 towards renovating classrooms we use at Helenvale Primary School and Chatty High School. Donated R 3 000 towards various items at Helenvale Sunday School Outreach.
Donated R 10 000 worth of various items including food, clothing, stationary.
The UPS Foundation donated $20 000 towards the renovation of a kitchen and pantry.
Donated grocery hampers to 50 families and hosted a Financial Literacy Workshop on Mandela Day 2015.
IP Dynamics
Various cash donations in excess of R 10 000
Project Hope
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